Dallas Build Expo Provides Showcase For EZ Log Cabin

Dallas Build Expo Provides Showcase For EZ Log Cabin
on February 26, 2015 in Shed & Barn News

Hundreds of building industry professionals visited our EZ Log booth at the Dallas Build Expo, February 4th and 5th at the Convention Center in Dallas. From homebuilders and developers to engineers and contractors, a wide range of trade professionals had a chance to see the new Malaga A interlocking, stacked-wall log cabin. This represented over a hundred floor plans now available from our Austin warehouse.

“The people we met were definitely interested in micro-homes,” said Jerry Fryer, owner of Affordable Portable Structures. “But even more, they were fascinated by the Malaga itself – the look and feel of it, the construction system and its obvious level of quality.”

The 108-square-foot cabin is constructed from select grade, computer-milled spruce from the Baltics, featuring 12.5 ft. by 10.5 ft. external walls, a deep five-foot overhang in front, an all-wood interior, an option for 2 ¼ inch or 2 ¾” thick walls, interlocking corner joints (steel reinforced for high winds), double-pane windows, and many other unique features which add flexibility for multiple uses. Perfect for a tiny home, office, art studio, or guest cottage, the Malaga can also serve as a pool house, workshop, hunting cabin, and in many other capacities.

Because its kit price is less than $7,000, the Malaga raised a lot of eyebrows at the expo. “Most of those attending were in the trade, and they often expressed amazement when learning that a building of this quality could be priced so low,” Fryer says.

Beyond a desire to learn more about these uniquely constructed cabins, many expressed interest in learning how they can become involved in their distribution as dealers. As the EZ Log distributor for the state of Texas, Affordable Portable Structures is currently assessing the qualifications of applicants for our dealer program. If you are interested in becoming an authorized EZ Log Dealer in Texas, you are invited to contact Affordable Portable Structures by using the phone number at the top of this page.

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